Videos: Sailing Hobies

Sailing Basics:

Sailing a Hobie is pretty easy. Check out this video by one of the top sailors in the country.

Knot Tying Essentials: Bowlines, Figure 8, Cleat Hitch

Fun double-trapeze sailing:

The Extreme:

Sail Rocket performing a backflip while attempting to break the world speed sailing record.

Hobie F18 in the "French Trench," a man-made speed trials course in southern France.

Sailing in the Surf:

Hobie 16 Pitchpole: This can be fun on warm days!

Waterskiing Behind a Hobie:

Big Multihulls:

"Everybody," the best sailing video!

Hydroptere: The fastest ocean (open water) sailboat

Big conditions, upwind and close reaching, hull flying in an ORMA 60

Wakeboarding behind an ORMA 60, double hull flying!

More wakeboarding with music behind and ORMA 60